Sources Of Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that most people get every single day by means of the food they eat regularly. This is quite good for the body since potassium as a mineral is very vital for good health. Alexa Schmitt, a clinical nutritionist stationed at the Massachusetts General Hospital maintains that potassium helps in keeping the heart healthy by regulating the balance of fluids in the body.
Potassium has been classified as an electrolyte. This means that it carries a certain electric charge in your body. Your body requires balanced amounts of electrolytes to keep the chemical composition of the blood at the optimal levels to enhance proper functioning. These electrolytes mainly include anions like sodium, magnesium, and potassium. It also assists your body in putting the protein consumed to work, resulting in the building of muscle mass, cells, and bones.
Though potassium is very helpful to the body in very many ways, any qualified doctor will not go ahead and make a blanket recommendation about consuming more potassium. How much you require potassium differs from person to person depending on your overall health.
Anyone suffering from kidney disease is at a great risk of having too much potassium in his or her bloodstream. Since their kidneys do not get rid of excess potassium as others normally would, their bodies will tend to retain potassium in large amounts.
Hyperkalemia is a condition where there are very high levels of potassium in the bloodstream and it results mostly from kidney disease. It may also result from a medications or deficiencies of certain hormones. These high levels of potassium can lead to irregular heartbeats. It is, therefore, advisable that you have your doctor check your levels of potassium especially if you are suffering from kidney disease.
Low potassium levels in the body is referred to as Hypokalemia. Those with high blood pressure are at high risk of developing this condition. This is because the medications they take for their high blood pressure may cause depletion of the potassium levels in the bloodstream. It may also be caused by other conditions such as vomiting, eating disorders and diarrhea.
There are certain diuretics and laxatives which have been found bring down the levels of potassium in the body. This low level of potassium is characterized by fatigue, muscle cramps, constipation and general weakness. Extremely low levels of potassium can even affect your heartbeat. You should have a talk with your physiologist about monitoring your potassium levels if you are on high blood pressure medication or suffering from a condition that brings about low levels of potassium.
To get potassium in your body, you need to include it in your diet. There are many sources of potassium in foods. Bananas are most associated with potassium. It may also be found in great amounts foods like dried apricots, beets, cantaloupe, figs, orange juice and even honeydew melon. Similarly, other foods that are high in the mineral include meat and dairy products.
Most people already enjoy in plenty foods that are high in potassium. However, if you are worried about your intake of potassium, the best way to be fully sure is by visiting your doctor or seeing a nutritionist. They can help you in planning a healthy diet for yourself.

The Best Protein Sources

Proteins  are  essential for our bodies. They serve so many functions, for instance, important in the growth of muscles, skin repair, the building of strong bones, and the formation of the cells in the body. They should be taken in proper amounts as required by the body since the excess of it cannot be stored in the cells that are in the case of the substance like carbohydrates.

The proteins can be categorized as right or wrong depending on the saturated fat content found in it. Taking proteins with  a high amount of saturated  fats create chances of developing the heart problem. This is because  The high saturated fat content contains a high level of cholesterol that is not healthy for the body.
It is crucial to know the best amounts of proteins that should be consumed every day. Some people take proteins more than enough which is not good. The best quantity for adults per day is to take 40 to 65 grams of proteins.
There are so many sources of proteins and  it is necessary to make the best choice in selecting the sources. The following are some of the sources of proteins.
1.  Meats – Some of them are not healthy if taken in large quantities since it has a high level of saturated fats. Examples of this include the chicken with skin, steak, and salami.  Considering the steak,  it has about all the  proteins required by the body. The problem with it is that it contain about 75 percent of the saturated fat intake daily. You should not stop taking this product  entirely, what you do is to reduce the  number  days you consume it each week.

2.  Lean meats – This is the best source that one can choose.  The largest percentage of it is lean with a high level of protein contents. It is approximated to be about  to be about 95 percent. The saturated fats in this source of protein are tiny. It reduces chances of developing high blood pressure  and high cholesterol level. Its examples include chicken, fish, turkey and the beef.

3. Soy –  This is a type of protein source rich in proteins  and fewer saturated fats. The best example to go for is  edamame, soy nuggets, and the veggie burgers. You can get this product in the supermarket. Edamame can be boiled, and  a reasonable amount of salt is used to improve its test. Consuming products from this source of protein is very healthy.

4. The beans nuts and legumes – This is another protein source with  a high level of protein contents  and low levels of saturated fats. Garbanzo beans or the chickpeas are very excellent when taken with salads dipped in the less amount of fat.  In the case of legumes  like dried peas, it can be made with stews together with chili.

5. Dairy –  Not all the dairy products have low saturated fats. Some of them  contain  high saturated fats that  are not healthy. The best choice to consider is the one with a low-fat category of cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, and  the Greek-style  yogurt.  These products have very high protein content hence can be regarded as the best protein source. It is also very simple and more convenient snack.

Apart from getting the best source of protein, it is also necessary to prepare a future schedule of the meal. Planning in advance will ensure that you pick the best food  substance. It can also make you make advance changes for the meals  that you frequently take.

In conclusion, when choosing a protein source to ensure that you consider both the protein level found in the source with the amount of the fat available. This is to make sure that you reduce chances of  getting sick from the same substances that were meant to keep you healthy. Mostly consider obtaining much of your proteins from plant sources to reduce possibilities of developing heart problems

The Importance Of Fruits And Vegetable

It is more than obvious that most of the people don’t take balance diet whenever they are taking their meals. It is recommended for one to take approximately 5 to 13 servings of best natural food materials.

The amount of the vegetables and fruits taken mostly depends on this of calories someone requires. In America,  it is averaged that  the ordinary person consumes nearly three servings of fruits and the vegetables per day. This indicates that still, people don’t meet the standard requirement.

For you to grow healthy and strong, the body requires sufficient energy supply. So ensure that you take a balanced  diet any time you are having  a meal. One should know that the vegetables and fruits should be made with a meal since they work okay together.

It is clear from most researches done that  in the past decade shows that the vitamin supplements consumed  have limited benefits compared to  what the regular food provide. It is indicated that  the best food materials are the best choice to consider when body nutrients are required. This is because the foods have some natural  ingredients for instance flavonoids and the carotenoids which are essential to the body.

The fruits and vegetables contain so many  useful substances that are have not been discovered, but they are in the process of being realized. The food we always consume  contains some nutrients that  are consumed together as one. The vegetables like spinach have a lot of irons included in it.  It will increase the level of irons absorbed by the body. Also, the fruits with vitamin C are essential to the body.

Mostly the nutrients are  essential for particular people who have iron deficiency. The example of this group can be young women. There is another importance of taking a lot of fruits and vegetables like  they  can make the body healthy and prevent illnesses that can come on the way.

Taking a lot of fruits can also reduce chances of developing  cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke  and  also some form of cancer.  From the medical study,  persons taking a lot of fruits and vegetables every day in their lives  greatly reduces the possibilities of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Though there have been believed that taking a lot of fruits and vegetables reduces  chances of developing cancer that is a dangerous illness, it has been so challenging to prove if it’s true. There has been some research showing that some of the product have the ability  to reduce  the rates of some   cancer types.

There is some report from Cancer Research Fund, also American Institute for Cancer Research. It says that taking a lot of  substances with very less or no starch leafy greens, cabbage, and even broccoli  reduces the chances of developing stomach mouth and even colorectal cancer. Also, the lycopene and the  carotenoid that frequently gives tomatoes the red colour is said to have the possibility of reducing chances of developing prostate cancer.

For the people who want to regulate their weights, high consumption of fruits and vegetable is the best choice to take. They are known to have very low caloric and fat contents and in addition, it contains  water and the fiber which brings  the feeling of fullness.

There are many fruits and vegetables available. Wherever you have the fruits and vegetables in the diet, it is crucial to get a variety of it at any different times. This is because different vegetables and fruits have other different nutrients in it. Ensure you choose different colors  since  trying a new product is normally exciting.

The proper quantity of the fruits and vegetables that should be taken depends on an individual considering the amount of caloric contents consumed in a day.  If not sure  about the quantity you can use the CDC’s online serving calculator to determine the right number servings  you need or sometimes making sure you take a fruit and  vegetable in each and every meal.

Ensure  that you have a constants supply of the substance throughout. In the case  of some limiting factors like seasons, cost or accessibility. You can choose frozen, dried or even canned options since they serve the same purpose.
Keep yourself healthy and strong by taking a lot of fruits and vegetables. Taking this substance will make your body develop a strong ability to prevent diseases.